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The Thungy Brush

A Revolutionary Toothbrush with Exfoliating Tongue Scraper

Designed with you in mind, The Thungy Toothbrush

is the latest innovation in dental technology. With

its convenient patented sleek design it promises to

deliver all your superior oral health care needs, so

you can achieve a Healthy Happy Mouth.

Marble Surface


Spreading Healthy Smiles By Raising The Bar In

Your Oral Care Routine

Soft Charcoal Bristles

  • Protects your gums & tooth enamel

  • Naturally absorbs plaque

  • Destroys harmful bacteria on a microscopic level

Tongue Scraper

  • Removes bacteria

  • Reduces bad breath

  • Improves your sense of taste

  • Improves the appearance of your tongue

  • Improves overall oral health care

Exfoliating Tongue Bristles

  • Gently reaches deep into the uneven crevices on the tongue

  • Lifts food particles and bacteria that cause bad breath

Marble Surface

Did You

90% of all bad breath is actually produced by an overabundance of bacteria on the surface of the tongue and can be located at the back of the tongue.  


Tongue exfoliating and scraping can remove this daily bacteria build-up on the tongue, which will improve bad breath, tooth decay, and your overall oral health care.

Marble Surface
Marble Surface


Byran W.

I love having one tool to brush my teeth and clean

my tongue with.

 So convenient & great quality

Marie D.

I love this toothbrush, exfoliating tongue scraper!

It is awesome!

Kendal P.

I travel for work and a friend told me to try the Thungy. I love it. No more packing 3 items, I have anything

I need in one.  It really does leave my mouth feeling fresh & clean.

Untitled design-2.png

Fresher Breath

Better Kisses

US Patent. No. D901,901 S
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